Your best investments into tomorrow!

Road map

Actual project stage, in development
Websitedevelopment site
Masternode Pre-salestart of masternode pre-sale
Discord pre-sale botDevelopment and start Discord pre-sale bot
Marketing campaignstart of marketing campaign

Coin Info

Coin info block, and time to change reward
Total Supply44 000 000 FNS
Premine1 320 000 FNS
MN Collateral1 000 FNS - 20 000 FNS
Blocks/day1 440
Block Time60 seconds
Stake min age30 min
Minimal coin to Stake250 FNS
Rewards80% Masternode / 20% Staking
PortsP2P Port - 47352 / RPC Port - 47353

Timer for done First stage pre-sale


About project

FastNode - Your best investments into tomorrow!

FastNode is a pioneering blockchain-based ecosystem. It strives to provide integrated environment for multiple blockchain-based services. The most valuable asset of FastNode is that it has masternode solution with a huge variety of high quality masternode services. FastNode’s Eco System also provides such products and services as digital assets, blockchain project support etc.

Shared masternode

If you don’t possess a big amount of money shared masternode is the best solution for you. This is masternode without having collateral. In this case a group of investors get togather coins as shares to start a masternode. The reward is then divided equally among all members within the group. 

Instant Masternodes

While shared maternode really helps small investors. To fulfill shares before masternode is started this sometimes can take time and finally, it is possible, that shared masternode can not be launched. Preseving the advantages of shared masternode instant masternode takes no time to be launced because it is already filled. When the coins are in a dedicated masternode, you don’t have to do wait for your investments to start making profit.

Dedicated masternode

You don’t have to do much to become the only holder of dedicated masternode. Dedicated masternode allows you to get all possible benefits in comparison with the usual one e.g. your withdrawal requests will be approved instantly.

Truth-less Masternodes Hosting

Investors don’t need to send in masternode collateral. You will be guided through the stages by FastNode infrastructure. We also will help you to setup your own masternode. We guarantee that your coins will be safe in your wallet and your income will go directly to your wallet too.

Discord Bots

Masternode Presale Discord Bot.

Automatic system of MN sales.


All you need to do to by MN is to write to our FastNode Masternode Presale Discord bot and tell it the address you want to get MN for. Then you will get the private address to pay for the bitcoin and make the payment. After getting the payment the bot will automatically send you amount of coins necessary for launching MN FNS.


Later we are going to make our bot available as service for Presale of other coins. Also it will be possible to make Presale on our channel which will help MN coins to gain popularity and get investors in our society.

Airdrop Discord Bot.

Now only real and unique users of our community will get airdrop. Our bot holds several check-ups so it can make compensation only for real users.

In the future we will provide other coins with our bot to airdrop. It will be possible to hold the airdrop both in our Discord channel and channels of promoters.

Blockchain Explorer Discord Bot.

There is no need now to visit explorer site. To get information about the wallets and transaction status you need to write to the bot. You can get the information about wallet balance, amount of MN in the network, last price of coin on the exchange, ROI, actual amount of blocks, Coin Supply, Network Difficulty.

Shared Service Discord Bot.

If you are registered on our platform FastNode Shared Service & PoS pool through the account in Discord you can have much more opportunities to use our service with the help of bot commands.

Our platforms

Masternode coin stats platform.

In our service you can find all available information about the coin, official sources of coin, market where there are trades with this coin. Also you can find the last price of the coin and its volume of tenders on the stock exchange, ROI%, the amount of MN in the network, necessary collateral for launching MN and MN price.

Service Guarantor (Developer - Investor) Platform.

Our platform will become the link between developers and investors. Our MN project will be checked by different parameters which will allow to reduce the possibility of scam. Moreover, we will hold the presale of the project through our service and pay for the listing of new coin on trades ourselves. Trades will be chosen by investors. We will make the payments to developers according to the report which should be based on the plan in their roadmap. In case of unsuccessful conclusion or stop on some stage we will pay the rest of the money according to their participation rate.

Premine distribution

Social & Docs block

Our Teamship


Mykhailo Pypych

The main developer in the project. Windows, Unix, Mac, Android, iOS


Alexandr Stepanov

Business development, financial and investment analysis, business strategy and planning, project management and communications.

Frequently Asked Questions

ICO brings together the best of both traditional business and agile crypto models Sed ut pers piciatis unde omnis iste natus.
Q. Which cryptocurrency is best to buy today?
A. tralala
Q. Which cryptocurrency is best to buy today?
Bitcoin is legal in most jurisdictions in the world but there are some nation states that have banned its use, such as Ecuador.
Q. Which cryptocurrency is best to buy today?
Bitcoin is legal in most jurisdictions in the world but there are some nation states that have banned its use, such as Ecuador.